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Do you know what the world-famous carpet is? Of course, it is a Persian carpet with a long history and beautiful patterns and designs. The oldest Persian carpet, discovered by historians, belongs to 4th century BCE. In the past, UK wholesalers exported Persian carpets and rugs for bedroom and other part of home in large scale, in recent years, however, the import of carpet have been declining significantly due to some political issues.

As tension between the two countries rose in 2011, the UK closed its embassy in Tehran and severed its banking ties with Iranian Banks. As a result, the trade between countries, especially import of most popular Persian carpets and rugs with British people, severely damaged.

According to International Trade Center, in 2021, the value of the UK’s imported carpet, rugs and other textile floor coverings form Iran was only 235,000 USD, which was too little. The prospect of carpet trade between the two countries is not very clear, so the British people have been deprived from the best known and magnificent Persian rugs and carpets due to the political volatile relationship between two countries during the past decade.

 Persian rug

Persian rug and carpet have two important types, machine-woven rug, with various patterns, designs and colours. Persian carpets usually made of silk and wool, while machine-woven carpets are made of industrial material like polyester, acrylic, heat set acrylic and occasionally nylon. machine-made carpets have different reeds and densities like 500 reeds, 700 reeds, 1000 reeds, 1200 reeds and the latest version with 1500 reeds and 4500 densities.

Comparable with best known 104 knots Persian carpet, 1500 reeds carpet which produced of heat set acrylic material with embossed flower pattern is the most wanted and magnificent Persian carpet. machine-woven Persian carpet are produced with best materials and beautiful patters and designs, but 1500 machine-woven carpet is produced with very low and reasonable prices.

Persian carpet suppliers

Do you want to have the best carpet in your home with moderate and reasonable price? Contact Persian carpet suppliers nearby. As the Persian carpet and rug are best known in the world due to their high quality and patterns, there are many Persian carpet suppliers all around the world. these suppliers provide machine-made carpet with various patters and designs worldwide.

Silk and woolen Persian carpets have high quality and their price is also relatively high. If you want to buy a high-quality carpet with reasonably price, I recommend you to ask suppliers to provide a 1500 reeds embossed flower carpets. I’m one hundred percent sure that you will buy the carpet when you see it and legalize it characteristics.

Persian carpet suppliers

Persian carpet UK

If you are living in the UK and going to buy a carpet, I urge you to visit a Persian carpet shop in your neighborhood. Despite the declining import of Persian carpets, rugs and other textile floor coverings to UK in recent years, put these carpets are so most wanted and popular with British people that you can easily find them in every corner of the country.

Silk carpets are magnificent, but their price is little bet high. The Persian machine-woven carpets are very convenient for every home and are produced of different natural materials like silk, wood, or industrial materials like polyester, acrylic, heat set acrylic, and nylon. These carpets which produced in various classic and modern patterns can be found in every major city in UK.

Persian carpet for sale UK

If you think about Persian carpet only based on the quality and price, you are probably wrong. Think about Persian carpets not only from quality and price perspective, but also from pattern and designs perspective. Persian carpet which produced in both modern and classic patterns and designs are very appropriate and convenient for home decoration.

Persian carpet for sale UK

You can used them in various floors (wood, tiles or ceramics) and set them with different furniture and curtains. Modern patterns which are mostly simple, and plain are set various decors in the home, especially for small apartments which are common in big cities in today world. sharp and colourful designs are used in large places or rooms and can be set with other decors and furniture. To conclude, Persian carpets not only have best quality and reasonable prices, but also produced in various modern and classic beautiful designs.

Carpets online

As You certainly have experienced online shopping, this phenomenon is significantly increasing day by day in today world. for instance, according to studies, in 2021, 42% of American customers did online shopping which shows a significant growth compared to 33% in 2020 and 27% in 2019.

Likewise, online shopping of carpets, rugs, and other textile floor coverings, especially oversee trade, is going up noticeably. Major companies do their business online and it is true regarding carpets and rugs. For example, you can easily offer and buy best Persian carpets and rugs online via internet.

The majority of Persian carpet manufacturers and producers have official website, and some commercial companies do their business only via net and online. Nowadays, like other goods and products, carpets are sold online noticeably.

Bedroom carpets

Bedroom carpets

Have you ever thought about the carpet of your bedroom? Interestingly the decoration of bedroom is very important, even important than living and dining rooms. Carpet used in bedroom should be set with more things and decors than other parts of the home. If you have only one beautiful and magnificent carpet, you probably use it to your bedroom.

Persian rugs and carpets are very suitable for bedrooms. Silk or woolen carpets are relatively expensive, while latest version of machine-woven carpets which produced of heat set acrylic yarn and 1200 or 15 reeds are comparable. If you choose a 1500 reeds carpet with 4500 density and embossed flower pattern, I promise you never regret buying the carpet. So, cover your bedroom with Persian rug and carpet and enjoy your life.

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