Best Round Carpets for Sale

To buy the best quality round carpet, you should buy it from the sales centers of this product or the carpet market. In such places, many sellers with a long history of activity are working in this field. Well-known sellers who have enough information can be a good guide for people who are looking for round carpets. We make customer satisfaction a priority. This manufacturing company is ready to offer products with the highest quality and reasonable prices to different cities and foreign countries.

Best Round Carpets for Sale

Main Materials Used in Machine-Made Rugs

Main Materials Used in Machine-Made Rugs Machine made carpets، The raw materials used in the production of machine-made carpets are very diverse, including natural wool, acrylic, polyester and polypropylene. The use of wool is practically obsolete due to the high cost of machine-made carpets, and these fibers are only used in handmade carpets. Due to the characteristics of woolen carpets. These carpets have a long shelf life and are highly resistant to environmental factors, but dust is difficult to separate from them, they smell bad against moisture and they are difficult to wash. Because most consumer contact is with the surface of the carpet, or in technical terms, carpet sleep, awareness of the health risks of consumption and long-term contact with these fibers is essential, which unfortunately has been less important so far.

In recent years, it has been widely used in the production of machine-made carpets, they are polyester fibers or synthetic silk. Due to carpet materials: Silk threads, these fibers are lint, free and anti, allergic, and carpets made with these fibers are very easy to wash and have a lot of color stability and shine.

Easy Rules to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Easy Rules to Make Your Carpet Last Longer Carpet lifespan، If you want to buy machine-made carpets, you can go to those who have used olefin in their texture because they are resistant to moisture and are easy to clean. The material and quality of the fibers are very important. One of the important factors in increasing the life and durability of machine-made carpets is the heat set operation that is performed on the fibers.

The yarns used for the production and weaving of machine-made carpets during the heat set method stabilize the internal texture of the yarn spun by steam and heat, and this increases the quality of the yarn and, by its nature, the quality of the textiles woven from it.

Do not place your carpet in places where the sun shines directly, as it will reduce the quality and damage the carpet colors in the long run. Machine carpet should always be kept clean and objects should not be allowed to penetrate its villi. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. To keep these carpets clean, it is recommended to sweep them every two days.

Buy Machine Made Carpets in Various Colors and Shapes

Buy Machine Made Carpets in Various Colors and Shapes In the current era, home decoration has become one of the most important concerns of people, especially women, and choosing and buying home furniture is therefore a costly task in terms of money and time. Carpet is known as an essential commodity in the home of Iranians and its selection and purchase are usually done with more sensitivity.

Rising expectations of buyers from factory products have caused new products to take on a new color and smell, and carpet designers and manufacturers are trying to dedicate themselves to new changes and to maintain their market in competition with Chinese and Turkish carpets, Offer new and different products to suit the wishes and tastes of new customers.

In the past, round carpets were only used as pads and small rugs, but the production of large-sized round carpets has shown that this geometric shape is very suitable for the main layout of the house and can give a different and special look to the buyers. The interest of the Iranian people in the classic Iranian designs is also quite clear, so the designs that are woven and presented in this gallery in a round and oval shape all have a new classic design and the color and dimensions can be changed by the buyers.


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