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Soft Oriental Carpets for Sale

What are Oriental Carpets? And Their Origin Country

What are Oriental Carpets? And Their Origin Country

Oriental carpets are carpets that is woven in traditional style. Natural yarn and fabric are used in this product. In the production of oriental soft carpets, wool and silk are used, which makes these carpets more expensive. In order to buy these carpets, we can go to reputable production workshops of these carpets or their reliable stores in person. Oriental carpets from the middle ages have played an important role in the culture of the people of the orient to the united states. Geographically, the eastern carpet range begins in north Africa and morocco, crosses the middle east, and reaches central Asia and northern India. Countries on the belt include china, Tibet, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, the Caucasus, India, Pakistan and more. The carpet designs of different countries are different and each has its own type of texture.

7 Main Types of Oriental Carpets

7 Main Types of Oriental Carpets Oriental carpets types include:

1. Kashan handmade carpets: These carpets are woven by hand in Kashan city and surrounding villages. The most prominent carpets were produced in the Safavid period between the years (1736-1502). After a period of recession, high-quality carpets were re-produced in the late nineteenth century. These carpets are made of Iranian knots with very high knot density, cotton warp and weft and from high quality materials. Their patterns include ornamental framing, designs of niches and embroidery, and embossed and all-flowered reliefs that are beautifully designed.

2. Afshar carpets, which are known in the market as Sirjan carpets. The city of Kerman, located in southeastern Iran, is home to half of the tribes of the Afshar tribe. Kashan hand-woven carpets are red and blue in color and mainly have geometric patterns.

3. Ardabil carpets are produced in Ardabil inspired by Caucasian patterns such as shirvan, qarabagh and ganjeh, later these carpets became a popular and pleasant product of collectors. Ardabil carpets are thin with very beautiful and well-woven geometric patterns.

4. Bakhtiari carpet, which is woven from very durable wool and is well woven, has made it very strong and thick and is considered one of the most durable Iranian carpets. One of the well-known patterns of these carpets is the brick pattern (garden pattern) in which the carpet is divided into squares with plants and animals, which is a symbol of Persian gardens.

5. Baloch carpets that are nearly related to Afghan and Turkmen carpets. Their colors are often red, dark blue, matte, brown, and black. Their patterns are geometric with curved patterns of the tree of life. They are often designed as prayer rugs with the role of an altar. These rugs are often small in size and have lively patterns.

6. Farsh bijar is a small Kurdish town in western Iran. Kurdish carpets are durable and compact, which makes them very durable.

7. Abadeh carpet, which is located between Shiraz and Isfahan, has a combination of red-brown and blue colors and has medal patterns in the middle and corners. Abadeh carpet has a large hexagon in the middle with a bow or a medallion pattern in the corners and a design known as hebat lou.

Unique Oriental Carpets Distributor

Unique Oriental Carpets Distributor

The distribution of unique oriental rugs in many countries of the world such as iran, turkey, india, pakistan, afghanistan, china, morocco, Egypt. since ancient times, has been widespread and the people of these countries are familiar with the use of carpet weaving and these countries can be it is considered to be the oldest carpet weaving center in the world. among these countries, Iranian carpets, from carpets and rugs to kilims and other handicrafts, have a very high position among the countries of the world.

The main activity of this company is the production and supply of oriental carpets. In our production group, we always care about customer satisfaction and this has made us one of the best manufacturers and exporters oriental carpets with the best quality and lower price to different cities and foreign countries.


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