Authentic Oriental Rugs Exporter

One of the major trends in the modern world today is the great interest of the people of the world in the production of handicrafts and traditional handicrafts. This is often seen in the design of products ranging from clothing to other living items. The combination of traditional and modern designs shows that the general taste tends towards more traditional industries, including oriental rugs. It is one of the most popular handicrafts in the world. Iran holds the record for carpet exports in the world and 40% of Iranian carpets exported belong to East Azerbaijan.

Authentic Oriental Rugs Exporter

Why are Oriental Carpets Expensive?

Why are Oriental Carpets Expensive? Carpet is one of the industries that is still considered as a luxury and important commodity. One of the most important carpet manufacturers in the world is Iran. Analysts and historical experts believe that the carpet was the first woven carpet in East Asia. The eastern carpet is originally an Iranian carpet and was woven in northwestern Iran. This rug is a perfect example of patterns with a traditional fish background and color combination. The elements used in the edge of this rug are inspired by the turtle shell. All these cases have made this carpet one of the most expensive carpets. By buying a handmade rug, you not only appreciate the art and the artist who produced it but also guarantee your physical and mental health. The oriental rugs quality is very high and expensive and they must be taken great care of.

Advantages of Getting a Machine Made Oriental Rugs

Advantages of Getting a Machine Made Oriental Rugs Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of machine-made carpets, it should be noted that machine-made carpets are a type of carpet that is woven by industrial machinery and unlike hand-woven carpets, which are woven by humans, humans do not interfere in the weaving process. oriental rugs advantages: Reasonable and justifiable price: The most important feature and advantage of machine-made carpet is its reasonable price. Machine-made carpets are much more affordable than hand-made carpets and are compatible with the budgets of the poorer members of society. This is while a handmade carpet in the lowest case has a higher price than a machine carpet. Fashion and decoration change: Because machine-made carpet is not a precious commodity, you can replace it in a short period of time, and if you are tired of its model and style, you can easily buy a new carpet, without worrying about paying exorbitant costs. In fact, by buying a machine-made carpet, you can change the decoration of your home and match the carpet with it. This is a special privilege for those who care about changing fashion and changing the decoration. Simple washing without color interference: Another advantage of machine-made carpets is that they are easy to wash so that you can even wash them at home. Because machine-made carpet fibers do not return color, they are easy to wash and you can rest assured that they will not be damaged or damaged. Easy staining capability: Car carpets have this advantage, which can be stained easily and easily at home. Of course, many carpets have very little stain, and while they are light in color, they are not stained at all, and even if they are stained, they are easy to clean and simple methods.

Prominent Seller of Machine Woven Oriental Rugs

Prominent Seller of Machine Woven Oriental Rugs Oriental rugs sellers in all parts of the country have made it possible for those who can not go to the carpet stores in person, that they can easily buy oriental machine-made carpets online. This feature is practically impossible or difficult for handmade carpets because handmade carpets are a very exquisite product and should be seen closely and its value checked by reliable tools, so it is not easy to buy handmade carpets online. do. But buying machine-made carpets online from anywhere in Iran is the least possible and you only need to refer to reputable online carpet stores.

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