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Best carpets distribution company with the knowledge and experience he has in this field, he offers this product in the best qualities, so he has been able to meet the needs of customers in the best possible way with his correct performance. The buyer can also provide this product with quality assurance and complete satisfaction.

Best Carpets Distribution Company

Differences Between Handmade and Machine Made Carpets

Differences Between Handmade and Machine Made Carpets Machine-made carpets are mostly made of synthetic materials, most of which are used in acrylic machine-made carpets and polyester artificial silk, but the materials used in handmade carpets and tablecloths are made of quality and natural wool. Fluff, merino and natural silk.

The number of colors is one of the most important factors of a carpet or tablecloth that is directly related to the quality of work and the higher the number of colors, the better the quality. In the production of machine-made carpets, because the carpets are not woven as colored knots and the pattern in machine-made carpets is printed and injected, it has a lower number of colors. Usually the number of colors of machine-made carpets is between 8 and 14 colors, but the number of colors used in handmade carpets is more than 50 colors used in handmade carpets.

In machine-made carpets, patterns and motifs with less number of colors are used, but in handmade carpets, the patterns and motifs used have an identity card and are designed by well-known designers who are known in the market and its color scheme is the same. The designer determines and all the designs on the market have their own unique designer and identity card.

One of the problems with the carpets we use is that they are pounded, which is the first thing we do when we make carpets from the market. In machine-made carpets, unfortunately, because it has less lint than handmade carpets, after a while, it loses its original softness and softness, and after being kicked, it is so-called pounded, and its color over time, its quality It loses its original clarity, but it is not pounded in handmade carpets because it has a lot of lint and natural wool is used in it.

10 Points to Consider When Getting Your Carpet

10 Points to Consider When Getting Your Carpet One of the important features of machine carpet is comb and carpet density, and the customer should know what is the most suitable comb and density for carpet. The number of knots or roots per square meter of length and width of machine-made carpet is called density and comb. The more combs the carpet has, the more fine the carpet becomes.

In other words, it becomes hand-woven, and the higher the density of the carpet, the heavier and denser the carpet becomes, and with increasing comb and density, the carpet becomes thicker and softer. However, the choice of machine-made carpets is the responsibility of the customer and according to the type of taste, and he can buy carpets with a more secluded background that have less combs, or vice versa. But our recommendation to our customers is to buy high-density machine-made carpets, because high density makes the carpets more durable, not to mention.

There are different types of fibers used in machine-made carpets, such as: acrylic heat set, polyester, BCF, polypropylene. Today, the best machine-made carpet fibers are acrylic heat-set, which has the highest quality of carpet quality Such carpets are made of acrylic.

Best Machine Made Carpets Distribution Center

Best Machine Made Carpets Distribution Center Best machine made carpet distribution center has an active presence in the market and offers this product in different types. Therefore, due to the variety of designs and models, the needs of all customers in every taste and budget are covered. Due to the high quality of the product and the stylish designs that can be seen in them, many buyers have been attracted to this direction.

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