Best Rated Unique Carpets Supplier

Unique carpets are one of the highest quality and most popular types of Iranian handmade carpets that have a design quality as well as unique and exemplary durability. Every city in Iran is designed and woven according to the type of culture of the inhabitants of the region in a special way and in different ways. Similarly, according to the special ranking, the supplier has been able to offer the best products to dear customers.

Best Rated Unique Carpets Supplier

What Materials are Mostly used in Weaving Machine-Made Carpets?

What Materials are Mostly used in Weaving Machine-Made Carpets? In this section, we intend to serve the carpet materials, ie the same materials used in the production of the best type of carpets. The raw materials used in the production of machine-made carpets are very diverse, including natural wool, acrylic, polyester and polypropylene. The use of wool is practically obsolete due to the high cost of machine-made carpets, and these fibers are only used in handmade carpets. Due to the characteristics of woolen carpets, these carpets have a long shelf life and are highly resistant to environmental factors, but dust is difficult to separate from them, they smell bad against moisture and they are difficult to wash. Because most consumer contact is with the surface of the carpet awareness of the health risks of consumption and long-term contact with these fibers is essential, which unfortunately has been less important so far.

Due to the similarity of acrylic fibers with wool, these fibers have been used extensively in the production of machine-made carpets, but for reasons such as high filling, brittle fibers, difficulty in washing and creating or intensifying allergies, its use is not recommended. Another group of fibers that has been widely used in the production of machine-made carpets in recent years are polyester or synthetic silk fibers. These fibers are puff-free and anti-allergic due to their integrated structure, like silk threads, and carpets made with these fibers are very easy to wash and have great color stability and luster. According to Fiber Year magazine statistics, acrylic fibers are losing their place in the textile industry day by day.

Polyester fibers have experienced an average growth of 8.6% in the last seven years. Another group of fibers are polypropylenes, which in the long run undergo discoloration, entanglement and crushing, and destroy the softness of the carpet sleep. Currently, the number of manufacturers who produce their carpets using polyester filament fibers is increasing day by day.

8 Tips for Increasing Your Carpet Shelf Life

8 Tips for Increasing Your Carpet Shelf Life One of the most important factors that has occupied the mind of every consumer is that the longevity of the carpet is very important for customers and consumers, that is, the product that is purchased must be able to withstand many years. Many factors maintain, so we will say eight points about the permanence of your service, dear ones.

  • Material and quality of fibers
  • BCF yarn
  • Hit set operation
  • The location of the carpet at home
  • Have a clean carpe
  • Choose good material from the store
  • Proper carpet washing
  • The detergents used must be standard detergents

In general, for the durability of carpets, we must use suitable yarns and fibers, and also choose a suitable place for these carpets, and we must be very careful in washing and drying the product and how to wash the product with detergents So we can carpet lifespan Raise well.

Unique Machine Woven Carpets Distributor

Unique Machine Woven Carpets Distributor As the largest distributor of unique machine-made carpets, we are trying day by day to be able to produce various and high quality products and provide them directly to all consumers. For this reason, in addition to being the largest manufacturer of important and popular exporters, we sell our products online, and we also consider very important benefits for each customer so that we can meet their needs You can also buy the best machine woven carpets from us.

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