Comfy Fluffy Carpets for Sale

One of the newest products of the store is the supply of handmade fluffy carpets from different cities. This product has a stunning beauty for your home and spread in the living room, which is easily sold by us and you can buy it at a price. Cheap to order and buy soft fluffy carpets, visit our store.

Comfy Fluffy Carpets for Sale

7 Major Types of Carpet for Your Home

7 Major Types of Carpet for Your Home In this section, we are going to talk about different carpet types so we will introduce 7 types of the best fluffy carpets to you dear ones, and then we will tell you some remarkable things about them. Join us at the end of this section.

The use of hand-woven carpets as a precious underlay and a beautiful work of art is not limited to Iran. It can be boldly said that there are few houses in the world that are without carpets. It gets bigger every day. Hand-woven carpet is a floor covering that not only does not lose its beauty, quality and spectacle in the face of factors such as light, walking and washing, but also retains its value. Hand-woven carpets, because of their natural fibers and softness, do not hurt when the back rests on them.

This type of carpet repels heat in summer and cold in winter, while machine-made carpets do not have this property, due to having fibers such as wool, silk and cotton, they do not produce static electricity. Hand-woven carpets are diverse in terms of color and are suitable for any style and taste. Carpet experts believe that the value and price of a carpet depends on the pattern and color, yarn, taropod, lint and the amount of fine and coarse weaving, and its artistic value. The map is related to the variety of natural colors used and the coordination of colors together.

Types of hand-woven carpets based on fiber material:

  1. Silk flower rug: The back of this rug is made of wool, the flowers and leaves of its design are woven from silk thread and the rest of the lint is wool. It is cheaper than all silk rugs, it is competitive with all silk rugs in terms of artistic value.
  2. Silk rug: The rug of this rug is made of silk, its villi may not be made of silk.
  3. Fluffy rugs have softer yarns than woolen rugs. Woolen carpet has a high thickness and this also causes it to have a higher durability.
  4. Wool rugs convey a greater sense of warmth due to the high thickness of the yarn and better durability. Fluffy rugs are usually thinner.

Different Sizes of Fluffy Carpets

Different Sizes of Fluffy Carpets This section needs to be included as well carpet sizes assign because our product has different dimensions and due to its great variety, it has attracted a lot of customers and customers have been able to meet different needs of these cuts in different sizes for themselves. List of dimensions of fluffy carpets are:

  • 1- 6 by 4 meter carpet or 24 meter carpet.
  • 2- 3 in 4 carpet or 12 meter carpet. 3- 2.5 by 3.5 carpet or 9 meter carpet.
  • 4- 2 in 3 carpet or 6 meter carpet.
  • 5- Carpet or rug 1.5 by 2.25 or carpet 3 meters or rug 3 meters or rug 4 meters.
  • 6- 2 in 2 carpets or round carpets or 2 in 2 circular carpets.
  • 7- 1 in 1 carpet or round carpet or 1 in 1 circle carpet. 8- 1 in 1.5 carpet or one and a half carpets.
  • 9- 1 in 2 carpet or 1 in 2 side carpet.
  • 10- 1 in 3 carpet or 1 in 3 side carpet.
  • 11- 1 in 4 carpet or 1 in 4 side carpet.
  • 12- 0.5 by 0.85 carpet or paddy.

Genuine Fluffy Carpets Wholesale

Genuine Fluffy Carpets Wholesale All over the world, fluffy carpets produced in Iran, especially carpets produced in Kashan factories, are among the most popular flooring. According to experts, fluffy carpets should be searched in Asia and on our website. This popularity and charm is due to its high quality, color variety, excellent combination of designs and patterns and variety. Having special art and elegance in the designs of woven carpets in Kashan, has attracted everyone’s attention that it is sold in bulk.

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