High Quality Rugs Manufacturer

The company that sells quality rugs has always tried to provide products with the highest international standards to our good compatriots, because every Iranian deserves to use the best ones. This company, by producing all kinds of classic and modern machine-made carpets and kilims in different designs and colors, has given its customers a wide choice so that they can easily tailor their high-quality, beautiful and favorite machine-made machine-made carpets to their tastes. Choose and buy.

High Quality Rugs Manufacturer

Making Process of Machine-Made Rugs

Making Process of Machine-Made Rugs The production vote for each machine-made carpet goes through three stages, which are called spinning, weaving and carpet finishing, respectively. To produce the original machine-made carpet, we first convert the raw fibers into the desired colors and deliver them to the spinning unit. At this stage, the dyed fibers are converted into heat set yarns and transferred to the weaving unit for weaving.

The most important properties of heat set yarns can be reduced carpet lint, puffiness of yarn and bulk more, which reduces the amount of yarn used and better carpet coverage, which is very similar to hand-woven carpet and is called hand-woven. Shearing and packaging that is done in the completion unit for sale directly, the carpet is sent to the market from the factory, and also the purchase and sale of machine-made carpets in the factory is done online so that the product is more affordable to consumers. And be provided without intermediaries.

5 Practical Ways to Identify High-Quality Rugs

5 Practical Ways to Identify High-Quality Rugs The first and most important way to rugs quality identify the real manufacturer of a rug is to pay attention to the label on the back or the carpet identification. These labels usually mention the name and trademark (logo) of the manufacturer and specifications such as design code (plan) of the carpet, its longitudinal and transverse density, number of carpet colors, fiber material, standard mark, etc.

But many reputable companies also name their designs with the same names as those mentioned above, but a design with a specific name may be produced by different manufacturers. Synthetic fibers are used to weave all machine-made carpets. Acrylic fibers have the highest quality and machine-woven carpets woven with acrylic fibers are called original carpets. Acrylic yarn is more expensive and durable than other synthetic fibers such as polyester. Kashan original acrylic carpets with features such as high durability and strength, special beauty and radiance, long life, high resistance to sunlight, lack of sensitivity and carpeting.

Original acrylic carpets are usually softer and more beautiful than polyester fibers and do not crumble or harden when crushed. The colors of the original acrylic rugs are very cheerful and vivid, and this feature can help the customer to distinguish the original rug from the counterfeit. Counterfeit machine-made carpets are produced with carpet materials second-class and low-quality synthetic fibers, which makes the carpet have a shorter lifespan and cause allergies.

High Grade Machine Woven Rugs Producer

High Grade Machine Woven Rugs Producer Kashan has a rich culture and a very long history in the machine carpet and hand-woven carpet industry. Iran is the center of carpet production in the world and Kashan is the largest carpet producing city in the Middle East. Kashan carpet supplies 70 to 80% of all carpets produced in Iran.

Of course, a major part of this production is on the shoulders of Kashan machine made carpets manufacturers. The importance of Kashan carpet factories is not only for Iran but also Kashan carpet factories are of global importance. Kashan is 40 years old in the carpet industry and is one of the first manufacturers and suppliers of carpets. Shahr-e Kashan has 50% of Iran’s machine-made carpet production. Kashan is the center of carpet production and industry and our country Iran is in the first and top export in the region. Carpet is produced in Kashan and other provinces of Iran with different variety and price that everyone With any taste and any financial ability, he can easily buy and use Kashan carpet.


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