Luxury Square Rugs in Bulk

Luxury square carpet is one of the floors that have many applications in different parts of the house. Luxury square rugs can be used in different parts; For example, square carpets are widely used at the entrance of the kitchen, terrace, yard, etc. Luxury square rugs are mainly offered on our site. This collection is a supplier of luxury square carpets that are available to buyers and applicants only in bulk in different materials and prices.

Luxury Square Rugs in Bulk

ManuFacturing Process of Machine Woven Carpets

ManuFacturing Process of Machine Woven Carpets In general, in the textile industry, whether in the production of textiles or machine-made carpets, the production chain consists of four main stages, which are: spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing. A factory whose final product is machine made carpet or machine knotted rugs and or fabric may manage all of these steps themselves or just do the weaving part.

In the spinning stage, the yarn used for weaving the carpet is prepared. After preparing the yarn, in the preliminary stage of weaving, the yarns of large spools are wrapped on smaller spools and placed on the shelf of the carpet weaving machine according to the design of the carpet. The second and perhaps most important step in the chain of carpet production is knitting. At this stage, the carpet is woven using different technologies. In general, the carpet weaving system is the same as the fabric weave, except that it is woven with two blur systems. In fact, in a knitting machine, two carpets are woven at the same time, one is called the top carpet and the other is called the bottom carpet. After leaving the knitting machine, the machine made carpet has small defects that will need to be embossed. The carpets are sewn together first, and in the next step, the dust and lint from the weaving stage are removed. In the last stage of completing the machine-made carpet, longitudinal and transverse sections of the carpet, as well as edge embroidery and rooting are performed.

5 Advantages of Carpeting Your House

5 Advantages of Carpeting Your House carpet advantages at home are many, but we will explain the 5 most important advantages of home carpet in the following.

  • 1- Giving effect to the house: Using carpet in the house, in addition to being a suitable cover, gives a beautiful and magnificent effect to the home decoration and creates a wonderful change in the space of the room.
  • 2. Security: Carpet security is better than other floors. Carpets prevent people from slipping, especially if you have a young or elderly child in the family. Also, by choosing the right carpet for the stairs, people will be prevented from slipping.
  • 3- Having a special style: By carpeting the house, you can have your own style and easily change it when you are tired of your decoration. For example, you can use luxury or traditional rugs for your home. There are also rugs in different geometric shapes that you can use to change the style.
  • 4- Comfort and convenience: The rigid surface of the ceramic tile makes your foot hurt over time by walking on it, but using the carpet as a floor due to its flexibility and softness, this problem Does not create for you.
  • 5- Heat insulation: Carpet alone is considered a heat insulation. In winter, you can easily keep your floor warm by using a rug.

Major Square Rugs at Wholesale Price

Major Square Rugs at Wholesale Price Machine Square Rugs is a term that includes different types of flooring depending on the type of yarn used and the type of weaving technology. Sometimes fancy rugs or tufted rugs may also be classified as machine made rugs. Wholesale square rugs are available at wholesale prices on our site. If you want to order a large square carpet, our online and telephone support is with you, and if you want to know the prices of our major carpets, call the phone numbers listed on the site.

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