Seller of Most Beautiful Small Rugs

The seller of beautiful small rugs is one of the centers that offer and distributes all kinds of small and large carpets. These stores offer their carpet products in various sizes with various colors, designs and patterns. One of these vendors is the center which is introduced in detail in the final section of this text.

Seller of Most Beautiful Small Rugs

What are the 7 Main Carpet Types

What are the 7 Main Carpet Types In this text and in its different sections, we will talk about different carpet types as well as other topics, including the following: best carpet and carpet for small rooms.

First of all, it is necessary to first classify the types of carpets that are produced in Iran. Iranian carpets are either handmade carpets or are classified as machine-made carpets.

At first glance, what distinguishes these carpets from each other is their density. In fact, handmade carpets are usually the most densely packed and much more expensive than machine-made carpets.

Among the existing Iranian carpets that we mentioned, handmade carpets are usually the priority for export.

The provinces that usually have the most factories and manufacturers of machine-made and hand-made carpets are Khorasan Razavi, Yazd, Isfahan and East Azerbaijan provinces, in which the cities of Mashhad, Yazd, Kashan and Tabriz, respectively, high-quality machine-made and hand-made carpets.

They produce various types of carpets and rugs which are distinct in design and role and distribute it throughout the country and even abroad.

There are different types of carpets in Iran. What distinguishes these products from each other is the features and specifications that each of these carpets or rugs have. In the following, we will briefly mention these features.

1) Carpet with embossed design and pattern

2) Carpets with non-embossed designs and patterns

3) Carpet with peacock design and pattern

4) Carpet with the design and role of an inscription Carpet with climatic design and role

5) Carpet with angel design and role

6) Carpets with traditional designs and patterns

7) Carpets with modern designs and patterns

It is worth mentioning that there are some carpets that are considered as a carpet with a combined design and pattern that is a combination of classic and modern design.

How to Choose Your Carpet to Make Your Space Look Bigger

How to Choose Your Carpet to Make Your Space Look Bigger To choose a rug and carpet in order to show a larger space that is to be spread on the floor of the rug or rug, it is necessary to pay attention to a few points.

The first point is the color of the carpet or rug. In fact, it goes without saying that the lighter the color of these products, the larger the space.

The second point is their dimensions. When the floor of the hall or room is covered with ceramic or stone, it is better to use carpets or rugs with small dimensions as much as possible to make the space of the hall and the room look bigger.

Since the ceramics and floor stones of the rooms and reception halls and living rooms are chosen from light colors, it is better that the carpet or rug that is considered for these places is very small.

In other words, for such spaces, a small round or narrow rectangular rug is usually used, which is often placed under the reception table or in the middle of the bedroom.

Direct Small Rugs for Sale

Direct Small Rugs for Sale Carpet manufacturers whose products have the highest quality and variety are usually the direct distributors and exporters of this product abroad.

The company’s carpet and rug products are sold with high quality and the lowest market price.

It is worth mentioning that the carpets of this center have always attracted many customers due to their high quality and very reasonable price compared to the rival centers.

In other words, every time a customer buys the company’s products, he is completely satisfied and has become a regular customer of the company.


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