Washable Rugs at the Best Price

Washable rugs at the best price and the quality is introduced by reputable manufacturers in the country. These products actually have very new and attractive designs and colors and have a very high variety that all buyers can easily make a suitable and quality purchase. These products can also be produced in different sizes and sizes that can be used in different spaces.

Washable Rugs at the Best Price

Which Types of Rugs Are Washable?

Which Types of Rugs Are Washable? Machine made rug consists of two separate layers, the lower layer or anti-slip pad is responsible for holding the top layer, which is in the form of a carpet design, fixed. The top layer is very soft and the anti-slip pad or the bottom layer is very suitable for places where there is traffic and it is no longer possible to slip the carpet.

The fibers used in car carpets are antibacterial, to No fluff and are anti-allergic with these properties are very suitable for infants and people with allergies. All kinds of machine-made carpets are made with new technology and using the best materials. The fibers of these carpets are designed in such a way that they are not damaged or destroyed by excessive washing. The bottom layer or the anti-slip pad has a guarantee. Machine carpets do not change color, shape and size due to washing.

A series of machine-made carpet designs are for places where people travel with shoes, such as shops. The top layer is constantly in the shape of a carpet design and is very soft and delicate. Machine carpet has various designs and colors and is suitable for all tastes. carpet washing It is an ideal option for use in busy environments because they are washable.

How to Wash Machine-Made Carpet

How to Wash Machine-Made Carpet One of the biggest concerns of housewives, especially in the days leading up to Nowruz, is washing carpets and rugs. To wash rug types it is necessary to follow principles so as not to damage your carpet and rug. If you want to wash your carpets and rugs at home. Here are the basics of carpet cleaning at home:

  • Washing the carpet requires a suitable space, so if you have a suitable space and the dimensions of your angel are small, you can wash it at home by observing the optimal water consumption, but if your carpet is more than 6 meters, be subject to the culture of apartment living and washing it.
  • Before washing the carpet, remove the dust by shaking the carpet or pulling a broom, but be careful not to damage the fabric of your carpet during this process.
  • Make sure that your carpet does not stain, because if you read in the secrets of housekeeping in Namnak, staining a hand-woven or machine-made carpet will cause serious damage. To find out if your carpet is dyed, wipe the surface of the carpet with a damp white cloth.
  • In order to easily remove excess water from the carpet, use a hard and sloping surface to wash the carpet.
  • To wash the carpet, the water temperature should be moderate and use lukewarm water.
  • Do not use alkaline detergents in washing carpets and use neutral acidity. Do not clean the surfaces under the carpet with acidic detergents or detergents that are alkaline, as the effects of the detergent may not clean the surfaces well and may damage the carpet texture.

Buy Washable Machine Made Rugs According to Your Budget

Buy Washable Machine Made Rugs According to Your Budget Buy machine-made rugs according to your budget. The variety of these products in the market is very large and you can buy these products based on your budget and take full advantage of their beauties and advantages as well as their longevity. Machine-made carpets based on the type of fibers that they have been used in their production. They have various prices and buyers have to sell them at the time of determining the type of goods.


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    When washing carpets, you should pay attention to rinsing them completely because carpets will spoil if detergent remains on them.

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